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Richard’s Blog

Hello true believers
How about the them Canada basketball boys.winning gold this summer! Awesome!.
My 91 world games team got silver and it is great to see yhe young fellas surpass us.
Shout out to Advancedbasketball alumni
Dillon brooks
Shamiel Stevenson
Ignas bradzeikas
Lucas orlita
Christina mora
Amazing group of trainees who have achieved greatness.
Big up to my sons
Daniel and derrick- michael Stewart both played pro ball.
Many more players in the pipeline.
Stay focused on Advancedbasketball.

Hello true believers.Wow what a great year!
Basketball is awesome.
My former students are taking over the world! Dillon brooks declared for nba draft.. Ignas bradzikas... Too many offers to count...shameil stevenson..signed with pittsburgh... Christina mora...signed with wake forest..
Plenty of cis and ocaa players. ...And many more to come.
Advancedbasketball is churning out quality.
On a personal note i give god thanks for his grace and mercy.i have been tested by fire and come out stronger.my two oldest sons daniel stewart signed with the san antonio spurs and played on their d league team.Derrick-michael Stewart signed with hamilton of the canadian pro basket ball league.
Im overwhelmed with joy and amazed at gods blessing.

Advancedbasketball call me your youngster deserves the best let me help them achieve their goals!

Congratulations to Advancedbasketball alumni

Shamiel Stevenson & Ignas Bradzeikas

... participants in the all Canadian Biosteel game!!

Hello true believers, Happy New Year!

Well here we go into another tumultuous bball season:

  • NBA players posting triple doubles
  • player moves
  • the great fundamental Tim Duncan retires

College NCAA basketball has been interesting..controversy abound Duke and Kentucky looking good.

On a personal front, my two boys are playing pro.Daniel with San Antonio and Derrick Michael with Hamilton United of the Canadian Basketball League.
God has blessed them both.
March break camp coming up get ready ballers!
Coach Richard.

Hello true believers,

Many of the young ones have grown up and are now in university. Some are playing ... some are not.
The journey one takes can have many outcomes; enjoy the journey.
The new trainees are dreaming and working hard.
The NBA season has started with a great expectations for Raptors fans ... good luck !
Advancedbasketball Christmas break camp dates will be announced soon .stay tuned! Continue to dream !
Onward ballers!
Coach Richard

Hello true believers.

Wow what an absolutely incredible NBAseason!
Golden state's historic run, the Raptors flight through the playoffs .

The summer is here and it's time to work on your skills .
The summer camps are posted see you on the court !
Hard work pays off!!

Congrats to a couple of Advanced Basketball alumni:

  • Dillon Brooks on leading an amazing Oregon run to the Sweet 16
  • Ignas Brazdeikes on his good showing at the Biosteel game with 17-points.

Hello true believers !
The NBA season is ramping up in it's intensity.
The debate is over ... Kobe schooled Lebron! ...
Posted him up , up and under moves , fade away jumper. Kobe's intense killer instinct is superior!

The NCAA tournament is about to begin. Do your brackets !!

Good luck .
The off season is time to work on your game and get better.

Hello true believers,
Once again we had an amazing Christmas break camp
with the 3 on 3 tournament giving us a thrilling final.
Kobe Bryant is retiring which signals the end of an era and an amazing , stupendous career.
A truly great player!
I wish all a happy and prosperous New year.
Our next camp is March 14 - 18, 2016.
My son Daniel is in his second year playing professional bball in Buenos Aires Argentina.
Stay warm and God bless.

Hello True Believers.
Another NBA season is upon us and an exciting NCAA season promises to amaze.

We at Advanced Basketball are looking to improve your skills and help you to achieve your goals and dreams .

Tip of the day :
If you have a child who needs to gain more confidence, concentrate on their dribbling skills.

Cheers .
Happy playing.
Coach Richard

Raptors visit Advanced Basketball!

Arsalan Jamali, Assistant to the President & GM of the Toronto Raptors paid a visit to this week's camp.

Check out the photos of another successful camp on our Gallery page.

Hello true believers.
The NBA playoffs are exciting this year. The injuries and coaching strategies are making early predictors change their minds.

Good news:
Ignas, who plays for Holy Trinity H.S. in Oakville is to be congratulated.
He is a member of the junior/ cadet national team.
The third person from advancedbasketball who is a member of the national team ... with an additional 5 having been in the development program.

Please look at the summer training and camp schedule .

The most advanced basketball program in the GTA!

Ball Handling

Sharpen your handles with a slew of pro-style dribbling drills! Feel more comfortable dribbling against pressure. Learn how to avoid getting trapped with the ball


Build your shot from the ground up - footwork up to the finishing stroke with a focus on shot construction and fixing common mistakes. If you already have the fundamentals, learn to get your shot off quicker, become a better 3-pt shooter and a "clutch" foul shooter.


What can you do to become more explosive ? What type of weight training is best for basketball ? How can I get recruited to play in college ?


Master the different passes and when to use them. Learn the art of deception without being careless. Learn to pass to a specific target, not just towards your teammate.


Learn the proper stance and create great balance. On-the-ball and off-ball techniques. When to slide and when to sprint. Maximize your defensive quickeness!


Improve your stamina, consistency, hand-eye coordination. Become both quick and fast. Become an explosive jumper.